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Author Topic: Since it's been 20 years or whatever....  (Read 527 times)
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« on: September 18, 2016, 07:10:13 PM »

I would just like some closure in this whole situation. How did I go from being a good admin, good hunted player, to being banned back in the did this happen.

I never cheated with aimbot or wallhack and will take that to the grave with me.

Back in the day I offered to send video tape of me playing, i offered to play in front of people who lived nearby me, etc......

I even used to name people who were much better than me and completely owned me and would argue that if i'm hacking then what are these people doing that are completely owning me?

It's been many years and i was visiting the forum and would like closure and personal discussions with some if you old timers if you'd like to talk again......

Really, i dont even play pvp games anymore because of this banning / removal from community which really bothered me. I play a lot of co-op games like l4d2, payday 2 and diablo 3 and stuff like that now.

now that i'm almost 40 years old and stuff and since hunted is dead etc...i'd just like to know how i went from being a good friend, good bodyguard, good sniper, i thought i always filled a roll for the team, i used to try my best in any situation....i even remember compliments from lagslayer when i was a HW and he was a prez i must've killed 20 snipers real fast in the ruins for him and he said damn bro lol gj...haha...

Remember I was on the world champion HO team or something and had to defend myself in the league or something, i mean there was a time where i guess i was pretty damn good, i had to send videos to them of me proving I could aim.....

one last thing, some of the more famous GH guys like rooster, necron, uno, angry_esnd, lagslayer NBK all those guys could own me when i was a bodyguard, and there were body guards on kali who could own me like seymore butts and stuff like that and tuan and others .......

So if I was hacking and banned why were there good guys that really raped me? i mean what were they on crack or something? I should at least know as a hacker how to avoid the "good guys" cause supposedly i could see through walls or something....but continuous ownage from these people and me complaining a little about it wasn't given any thought or something....

seriously please be nice about things, and if you want to talk that's fine.....i never did anything to gain an edge on anyone and i will take that to my i said i tell people to this day in payday 2 and l4d2 about what happened to me and why i dont even care to pvp anymore.....

I just dont like hurting people and dominating noobs anymore....i play co-op games to help people.....

anyway hit me up with some emails if you want or wishes, i'm on steam, I'm a member of the kali steam group and I play l4d2, payday 2 really well if you want to hook up some time, this invite goes out to anyone and everyone......

be good....


my email is please feel free to hit me up there.....
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Mommy, Hellman is too good he must hack....lololololol!!!!
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« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2017, 05:54:10 PM »

Sorry for late response but I don't even remember what happened to tell ya the truth.
I know originally before I took over the server and built a new server I joined like a regular player and there was a talk of me cheating because I always played as HW and did my run with grenading myself on the roof which nobody in HW position was able to do that before so one of the admins...trying to remember his name...watched me play and eventually saw what I was doing and later invited me to become an admin. There is more to this story when I became the owner but same thing I guess...People thought I was cheating but it was like non stop 3 months of every day hours of playing nothing but hunted map and figuring stuff out. Like grenading myself on top of electrical box in alleyway to get to the roof. Throwing mirv into the shaft on the wall to kill snipers grenading themselves up the same shaft. Randomly throwing mirv right away in the sewers over the metal grid door. Huggin the wall to run faster from the spawn area....the list goes on.

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